Monthly Archives: April 2014

25 Apr

VaultWorks – The safe, secure storage platform

LAW Data recently announced the launch of VaultWorks, the Company’s latest application for secure online document storage. The offering locks in the value of total data security and is available at any time from any location globally via desktop, phone or mobile device....
23 Apr

Kaba AG’s master plan to deepen SAP solution appreciation

Kaba AG, a long-time certified SAP partner and global manufacturer of access control and enterprise data recording solutions, has joined its local reseller partner AWM360 in engaging the South African HR market and entrenching its ‘B-inspired’ campaign....
17 Apr

Some words to live (and eat) by…

There are just as many diet books as there are diets and trying to find a truly helpful, easily absorbed read is like picking out an award-winning, drop-dead gorgeous outfit for a wedding or party – it just never seems to materialise. Like so many others, that has been my general experience to...

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