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Enermatics making news

15 Oct

‘Energy management should be first priority for business’ – Enermatics

Businesses in Africa, particularly small-to-medium sized organisations, continue to grapple with the challenge of acquiring reliable power supply whilst simultaneously having to comply with environmental regulation. Energy management strategies have become a must say experts in the field of sustainable and renewable power resources....
23 Sep

Making your grid smarter

Discontinuous innovation surrounds us. Think about banking. When last did you have to stand in a queue to make a transfer? If you're like me, it's probably been a while. Banking is only one of many industries that have transformed through the internet....
29 Jun

Enermatics – how businesses can beat the blackout blues

Amid ongoing pressure on utilities to supply sufficient power to meet increasing demands for electricity, national provider of smart metering technology and power reseller Enermatics Energy says one question is paramount for businesses: how much power is needed by the business to operate when load shedding occurs?...