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Rubicomm is your all-inclusive PR and marketing service. We have a comprehensive solution and services portfolio designed to empower clients to maximise their investment in communications strategy.

  • Copy writing & editing

We have the expertise and experience in-house to provide copy that is relevant to the market. Our writing staff are trained to draft copy of the highest quality, with the additional ability to edit documents quickly and accurately.

  • Script writing

An effective script is an important, highly-strategic and practical resource. It can be used to accentuate both internal and external communication.

  • Distribution of press releases

We distribute press releases to our established database of leading industry journalists and editors, and our service includes following up on the progress of all material submitted to the public domain.

  • Managing media coverage and monthly publicity reports

One of our core services is the proactive management of media relationships, fundamental to the success of any PR and marketing activity. Rubicomm has the resources and expertise to consistently manage media coverage by compiling and providing you with monthly publicity reports. These reports provide you with an up-to-the-minute overview of PR activity and relevant progress.

  • Press conferences & corporate events

Rubicomm has earned a solid reputation in the market for its ability to arrange and assist with press conferences and its efficiency in handling corporate events. We understand the importance of achieving all objectives and ‘getting it right’ first time, every time.

  • Press clipping & media tracking services

Press clipping and media tracking services not only enable us to monitor and document our efforts, it serves as a useful tool through which you are able to measure the return on your investment.

  • Social networking services and blogging

Any viable corporate marketing and communications strategy has to position social media and social networking at the epicentre. The digital and public forum is where brands are weighed up and where a captive audience and market is ready to engage. We can manage your social media portfolio and ensure that corporate identity is protected and effectively communicated.

  • Branding

We offer a range of services dedicated to helping you establish brand recognition and leadership, including corporate profiles, Intellectual Property, marketing material and corporate identity.

  • Website services

As a specialist in corporate communication and digital media, Rubicomm is able to advise and direct the design and content provision for websites, as well as relevant maintenance and content management.

  • Corporate clothing and gifts

Rubicomm can arrange branded corporate clothes and gifts as the need arises.

  • Company newsletters (internal & external)

Keep customers and partners informed of the latest developments within the company using a proven and effective newsletter compilation and distribution system.

  • Arranging of interviews with the media

We arrange and facilitate face-to-face and telephonic interviews with the media. This is an effective and reliable mechanism to speak directly to those responsible for drafting and directing editorial.

  • Features

The media regularly run features or in-depth, thoroughly-researched articles. Our objective is to position our clients as thought-leaders in their respective fields. Our goal is to ensure that the media view your company as a respected and credible source of information.

  • Social Media Training

Our social media training courses are designed to provide corporate customers with tailored workshops and training solutions, Rubicomm Training keeps its finger on the pulse of all technology and social media developments. We have extensive experience in corporate reputation as well as how the use of technology (including social media) could impact the bottom line for positive and negative reasons. Courses range from understanding social media; developing social media policies to building engaging social media brands; privacy in the age of social media; and everything else in between.

Our workshops range from one hour “quick fire” to full-day sessions that encompass both theory and practical components. Furthermore, our pricing is customised to fit your budget and is calculated on a “per delegate” basis.

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